Code and Documentation Plumi Updates

Plumi 3.1 Released to Beta

EngageMedia and Unweb have released Plumi 3.1 into beta testing. You can:

In addition to featuring a refactored TranscodeDaemon and the latest version of FlowPlayer, a number of other changes have been made. You can find a list of all changes in the Change Log section of the release information on

Send an email to the plumi-discuss list or post a message in #plumi to let us know how you go installing & using the Plumi 3.1 beta.

Code and Documentation Plumi Updates

Plumi 3.1-Final has been released

EngageMedia and Unweb are pleased to announce the release Plumi 3.1, the latest version of the video sharing platform that is built on the Plone open source content management system.

You can download Plumi 3.1 as a compressed tar file from or via SVN.

Plumi 3.1 features the following improvements:

  • Rebuilt the transcoding engine to fix a variety of issues encountered in the version released with Plumi 3
  • Upgraded to the latest version of FlowPlayer
  • Translated the /publish page into Indonesian
  • Videos should appear in listings based on date of first publication
  • Users look up for non-logged in users returns no results
  • Redesign the Callout template
  • Create new “Featured” state for workflow
  • Videos triggering retranscode after editing metadata
  • Add ability to feature a call out
  • Callouts items should be removed from the front page once the due date is up
  • Member video’s RSS feed needs a filter like RSS2 feed does
  • Add “processing” state to workflow with listing
  • Add callout portlet to right nav
  • Enlarge size of download links in video/view page
  • “Read more” link on featured news/events
  • Change date stamp in video listings to be the “effective date”
  • Front page RSS feed links to random front page content
  • Replaced custom transcode daemon integration with

If you’d like to get involved in Plumi development please make contact at #plumi or join the discussion or announcement lists.

A working version of Plumi 3.1 can be seen at and

Thanks to the developers, testers and coordinators who made this release possible!

Code and Documentation Plumi Updates

Installation on Mint Linux 17

We’re happy to say that Sam Stainsby from Sustainable Software has successfully installed Plumi on Mint Linux.

He has contributed his notes, below!

Mint Linux 17 (MATE edition)

1. needed to address
(worked, but without using –distribute option)

2. on buildout: “””Error: Buildout now includes ‘buildout-versions’ (and
part of the older ‘buildout.dumppickedversions’).
Remove the extension from your configuration and look at the
‘show-picked-versions’ option in buildout’s documentation.”””
.. so commentedout the extension ‘buildout.dumppickedversions’ so it
now looks like:

extensions =
# buildout.dumppickedversions

3. same as 1. but for the for ffmpeg buildout

After that is was just a matter of getting the users right in site.cfg