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Archive Camp a great success

EngageMedia recently held an Archive Camp in Central Java, focussed on collaboration between media organisations.

The camp was focussed on two areas – production and technical.

The production group discussed archiving and strategy around their own projects, and the technical group spent most of their time working on Plumi in the “geek cave”. The technical team included Dimo (Greece), Pushpa (India), Grant (Australia) and Izhar (Malaysia). Slaving over four video servers, they worked on improving the latest version of Plumi, working on the interface in conjunction with the producers.

Ivan Lanin from the Wikimedia Foundation Indonesia facilitated a discussion around Creative Commons.

The camp was a great success, opening up important communication channels between the technical and production sides of video archiving projects, and between attending organisations that found commonalities in the work they do. 

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IVAA hosts a discussion on copyright for internet content as part of the Archive Camp

Ari explained how copyright works as the default intellectual property license, then he went into a more specific discussion of digital content. The audience was particularly surprised to find out that UU ITE (Undang-Undang No. 11 Tahun 2008 tentang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik) covers areas such as human rights and pornography that are already covered by other laws.

This means Indonesian copyright law is unclear. Producers may risk huge fines if they don’t know how to protect themselves. For example, UU ITE or RUU RPM Konten (rancangan undang-undang peraturan menteri) gives the power to authorities, especially police, to classify whether a case can be considered as “pornography” or “dangerous content”. Police may examine filmmakers computers if they have an official warrant. Participants concluded the activist community needs a better understanding of these laws.