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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen on the 12th of December 2009 will decide on the global course of action in this time of climate crisis: all communities should be present with a voice. This will be a time for delegates and government officials to present their cases but it will also be a whole convergence of media, campaigners, independent organisations and individuals.

We are hosting a mass screening of Time For Reel Action on December 12 to send a message to the IPCC that we support effective global action. We would like you to join us, by hosting or attending a screening of Time For Reel Action.

If you’re interested in attending a screening, join the EngageMedia Facebook page or check out the EngageMedia events page for upcoming screenings.

If you are interested in hosting a screening – or simply wish to download the DVD as soon as it’s available – email Barry for more details. You can also download a poster to promote your screening here. We’ve collated all the videos, and you can download the DIVX of the compilation here or the DVD iso here.

We’ll be posting screenings you can attend here as they are announced – check back soon!







Staff Blog

Videochronic: Video Activism and Online Video in Indonesia

Online version available at

Videochronic : Video Activism and Online Video in Indonesia
– Book Launching and Discussion-
[Scroll down for Indonesian Version]

proliferation of moving image production and its increasing
representation on the internet has introduced new ways of transmitting
information that intensify the connectedness of agents from different
settings–including those within the social change movement. However,
there has been very little research on how activists in Indonesia
incorporate the developments in video technology into their existing
practices, or how they engage with the possibilities of strategic
distribution, particularly the various online forms. Indonesia is in a
state of transition, politically and socially, but also in relation to
the many technologies. Access to video production tools, the internet
and mobile technologies, whilst still limited, is increasing

The current publication is one outcome of a
collaborative research between EngageMedia and KUNCI Cultural Studies
Center. The research charts how activists are engaging with these
technologies in the Indonesian context, addressing some of the issues
of technology-mediated social movements, and exploring the potential
and limitations of online video distribution. By analysing its history,
mapping the current situation, and considering possibilities for the
future, we hope to bring new light to video activism in Indonesia and
begin the process of asking many more necessary questions. Hopefully
Videochronic serves as a guide for those exploring the social change
possibilities of employing new media technologies in many places and
also assists those inside Indonesia to reflect on the work done to
date, and the many paths emerging.

Event details:
Friday , 13 November 2009,
Starting 6 PM -end
at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Jl Nagan Lor 17A, Yogyakarta
Speaker: Yanuar Nugroho (Manchester Institute of Innovation Research)
For Free

Meruaknya produksi gambar bergerak dan luapan
representasinya di internet telah membuka kemungkinan yang sama sekali baru
bagi cara dan proses penyebaran informasi, di mana keterkaitan antarpelaku dari
latar belakang yang berbeda, -termasuk dalam agenda transformasi sosial, menjadi
semakin erat. Akan tetapi, masih sedikit yang bisa diketahui tentang bagaimana
aktivis sosial di Indonesia
mengapropriasi perkembangan teknologi video dalam kerja-kerjanya, sama
sedikitnya dengan pemahaman tentang bagaimana mereka mengolah kemungkinan
bentuk distribusi video sebagai alat aktivismenya, khususnya di jenjang online.

Penerbitan ini merupakan salah satu hasil dari penelitian
kolaboratif EngageMedia dan KUNCI
Cultural Studies
Center . Riset ini
memetakan bagaimana aktivis melibatkan dirinya dengan teknologi tersebut di konteks
Indonesia ,
mengamati beragam isu yang muncul dari perkelindanan gerakan sosial dan teknologi di
Indonesia, dan menelusuri potensi serta hambatan distribusi video di
internet.Dengan menganalisis sejarah, memetakan situasi masa kini, dan melihat
kemungkinannya di masa depan, kami berharap bahwa persoalan aktivisme video di
Indonesia bisa dipahami secara lebih jelas agar proses baru untuk mengajukan pertanyaan-pertanyaan
yang juga baru yang lebih penting dapat segera dimulai. Kami juga berharap
bahwa Videokronik dapat menjadi panduan bagi mereka yang mau menelusuri
kemungkinan-kemungkinan perubahan sosial dengan menggunakan media teknologi
baru di banyak tempat, serta turut membantu mereka yang bergiat di Indonesia
dalam merefleksikan kerja-kerja yang telah ditempuh hingga sekarang, dan
menyikapi bentuk-bentuk baru yang sedang mengemuka.