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Skills Building Partnership with Kampung Halaman, Jogjakarta

EngageMedia’s Skills Building Partnership in Kampung Halaman Jogkarta had five participants and two from EngageMedia.

Despite a  few techinical problems the whole experience went well and some great food was consumed.  Topics covered throughout the 3-day workshop included Free and Open
Source Software (FOSS), video compression, publishing videos via online
sharing websites, RSS and RSS2, hybrid distribution strategies,
bittorent files, FTP uploading and Creative Commons licensing.

Following three tiring days of productive discussions and outcomes and a lot of great food,
both the EngageMedia facilitators and the participants
really pleased with the success of the workshop. It seems that workflows made everything easier to understand and visual representations added to this.

EngageMedia hopes to build on their relationship with Kampung Halaman and are looking forward to distributing more video for them.

Watch our site for more workshops.