Filming an illegal event is illegal (Singapore Films Act amendment)

Seelan: Obviously this
entire law is to counter local political filmmakers Martyn See, Choon Hiong and other citizen journalists like The
Online Citizen who have been effective in showing Singaporeans what the
government-controlled media does not. Read Martyn See’s & Choon Hiong’s takes on the issue.

Source: The Online Citizen

recording or filming of events which are considered illegal in law now
itself be considered illegal?

This is what the Home Affairs Ministry
seems to propose to amendments of the Films Act.

Does this mean that no one is allowed or will be allowed to film an illegal protest, for example?

The following is a copy of the report in the Straits Times, January 23 – which was published at the bottom of page C6.


Plumi 0.2.3 released

Plumi is built on the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
Plone CMS and version 0.2.3 will be our last release for Plone 2.5. Development
is already underway for the move to Plone 3.x. Our Plumi 0.3a alpha release
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Plumi 0.3b.

The move to Plone 3.x will see us then looking at key new
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Australian Government’s plans for net censorship foiled

Australia’s two largest ISPs (Telstra and Internode) have
rejected the plan by refusing to participate in the trials scheduled
for late December. Further, iiNet agreed to take part in order to
prove the system was a failure and Optus said it would test a heavily
modified version of the filtering model. One EngageMedia staffer
predicts the ridiculous proposal will end up buried in the minutes of
a Senate Committee hearing as an embarrassing brain freeze on the
part of Labor conservatives. Let’s hope so!

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EngageMedia article ‘The net is under threat

Electronic Frontiers

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NetAlert (Govt site)


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