Message in-a-box: Tools and tactics for communicating your cause

The toolkit is designed for small and medium-sized NGOs, advocates,
and citizen journalists to help them create and distribute content for
their advocacy efforts while exploring the constantly evolving world of
campaigning and communications.

Recent years have seen a
massive shift both in who produces media and how that media is
produced. Free software tools and ‘do it yourself’ web applications are
opening up new means of content creation and new channels for
distribution for NGOs, journalists and individuals.

the fact that these tools are free, there are still obstacles to NGOs
using them effectively to make a difference to the marginalised
communities they are working with.

Message in-a-box provides
accessible and effective training materials on selected free software
tools and web applications with a focus on giving people what they need
to know in order to create and distribute content. The materials cover
print publishing, using images, internet, audio, video and mobile

The toolkit contains:

  • Strategy and
    tactics: Planning guides to help you choose the right medium for your
    campaign, plan your production and use your resources effectively.
  • How-tos: Quick projects to help you get started with open source tools.
  • Tools: More detailed tutorials and downloads for selected tools to help you create and distribute content.

The toolkit is available on a website and also as a booklet and DVD to enable those without internet access to make the most of the content.

If you would like to order the toolkit, please write to [email protected]


EngageMedia on FTX!

The Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) will soon begin! There is a big curiosity about the mixture of feminism and ICT that grow rapidly. Will it make any change? That’s still a big question.

EngageMedia supported by Ford Foundation and The Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) will send one of their new partner from Indonesia, me, Nova, to join the FTX and The Association of Women’s Right in Development (AWID) International Forum with plenty of hopes. One of them are to develop advocacy strategy using ICT.

It’s interesting when it said that the main conditions to join this event are “feminist” and “computer”. Even though feminism theories not really common in Indonesian media but it is a perfect start to be open minded about these two subjects in this tech era.

This training will involved many of information media. Here, the using of Open Source Software will be the most importance, while in fact the user of Open Source Software in Indonesia still a few number. It’s not a secret anymore that Indonesian chose to buy the piracy software rather than get the free one with no consequences. That is why this training is important especially for women in Indonesia. At least there is a tiny hope to change the habit of using piracy software.

The Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) akan segera dimulai! Rasanya penasaran bagaimana jadinya pergerakan feminisme akan didukung oleh teknologi informasi yang semakin berkembang pesat. Akankah pergerakan feminisme akan semakin gencar dengan adanya teknologi terkini, tentu saja itu masih menjadi pertanyaan.

EngageMedia didukung oleh Ford Foundation dan Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) akan mengirimkan saya, Nova, salah satu anggota baru yang baru saja tergabung, dalam FTX maupun the Association of Women’s Right in Development (AWID) International Forum dengan banyak harapan. Salah satunya adalah menambah kemampuan advokasi dengan menggunakan ICT.

Sangat menarik ketika disebutkan bahwa syarat utama untuk mengikuti FTX adalah harus feminis dan berkomputer. Meskipun teori feminis yang beredar di media tidak banyak muncul dari Indonesia, namun ada baiknya membuka pikiran tentang feminisme dan mengaitkannya dengan dunia teknologi masa kini.

Pelatihan ini akan melibatkan banyak media informasi. Penggunaan Open Source Software sangat diutamakan dalam pelatihan ini. Sedangkan kita tahu sendiri pada kenyataannya, tidak banyak orang menggunakan perangkat lunak yang gratis tersebut di Indonesia. Sudah menjadi rahasia umum bahwa membeli yang bajakan lebih menjadi pilihan bagi orang Indonesia. Maka benar sekali bahwa pelatihan ini sangat penting untuk perempuan-perempuan terutama dari Indonesia dengan harapan sedikit merubah kebiasaan buruk yang bisa dibilang telah mendarah daging.

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