Melbourne EngageMedia Screening

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February 28, 2007

10:00 AM to
11:30 AM


Glitch Bar and Cinema, 318 St Georges rd, North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Add event to calendar is a website for social justice and environmental video from SE Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Come along for a 1-hour screening of indepdendent video.

We will be screening highlights of documentary, experimental and fiction videos from the website, and doing a short presentation of the project.

Plug In TV is an independent media collective producing short documentaries for Channel 31 and the World Wide Web.

Glitch is a funky bar and cinema in North Fitzroy who program an interesting mix of video screenings and performances.

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Adelaide EngageMedia Workshop

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February 26, 2007

08:00 AM to
10:00 AM



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Grassroots Online Video Distribution
The net is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for video makers to distribute their content. Online distribution means anyone with good internet access can watch your video from around the world. It also allows people with limited means to by-pass the mainstream media and create their own distribution channels.
EngageMedia will host a practical workshop covering these topics and more to help you make the most of these online tools. EngageMedia is a website distributing social justice and environmental video from South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. <>
The workshop will cover
– where on the web you can publish your video
– creating and subscribing to video podcasts
– setting up an account on EngageMedia and publishing to it
– how to encode video for distribution on the web
– copyright/left and licensing your video work
– strategies for getting your work out there
– free and open source software tools
If you have a laptop please bring it along along with any video materials you have.

When: Monday February 26th, 6-8pm.
Where: Iris Cinema, 13 Morphett st, City.
Cost: free!

In the morning EngageMedia will participate in DocAgora, “a discussion of new forms, new platforms and new methods of financing socially-engaged documentary,” as part of the Australian International Documentary Conference in Adelaide.


EngageMedia in Yogyakarta

Cemeti’s main mission is to document art practice in Indonesia but they also frequently put on a range of workshops and discussions. Cemiti has nice space with a library, meeting rooms, video editing studio, kitchen and more.

The workshop was held at a net cafe called “The Gate”. At about 1.50 (10
minutes before start time) a massive downpour began and lasted about 45
minutes meaning half the attendees were stranded in the rain and unable
to make it. We waited about 45 minutes and by that stage most people had turned up, if a little wet. There was a
good pool of about 10 people in the end, the maximum really to make
this workshop effective given it’s practical nature. All attendees were already making video, none
had put any of it on the web, some had done some encoding before, most
were students and either from a artistic or activist background.

Two big problems very quickly encountered were English and net
connection. Pitra from Cemeti offered to do translation but people were
a little too hesitant in saying they needed it. I think we managed to
get through ok though and when people really did have blank looks on
their faces Pitra translated just to be sure.

An even bigger problem was bandwidth. Even at a fairly upscale net cafe the connection was very slow. I can’t imagine broadband gets up above
128kbps in most places, downloads happened at about
5-8kbps, far slower than dial up. The EngageMedia site loaded
particularly slowly – I’m guessing this is a problem with Plone as it’s
a common criticism of the platform.

At the beginning of the workshop and throughout I emphasised very
heavily that you shouldn’t think of online video just as watching a
streamed clip in the browser a la YouTube. The fact that you cannot
download clips from YouTube and must download them again if you start a
new session on your computer, just adds to all the other problematic
elements of that site.Yogya workshop

Instead I tried to emphasise three other strategies to employ online video distribution in low-bandwidth situations

  • short preview clips – putting a low resolution 30 second to 2
    minute clip online can be a great way to ‘advertise’ your film – if
    someone is interested they can contact you for a higher resolution
    version that you can send in the post.

  • screening resolution version – think of your video as a means
    of getting your work from A-B at minimal cost. An organisation
    (university, art centre, net cafe) with good bandwidth will be able to
    download it. They can then redistribute the video at screenings, on CD
    or via flash drives. Having a downloaded version means it can be shared
    by multiple other means.

  • think of a wider, global audience – distribution inside your
    country might make more sense on dvd/vcd etc. but online you can reach a
    global audience – festivals can access it as can activist groups
    who might use the film in solidarity or benefit screenings.

All this points to the need to have multiple resolution videos for
all of the above scenarios but also to more greatly emphasise that
online video is not a panacea for every distribution need – just one
tool in the toolbox.

Rather than imparting the nitty gritty of encodingI
talked about more about basic principals – most importantly who is your audience and what do you imagine they will do with your video? I think
a couple of hours of people actually encoding their films is
really required for them to go on with the knowledge. 10 participants
to 1 facilitator is really too many for this, I’d say 1 to 3-4 is ideal.

If I’ve done my job right we’ll be seeing more Indonesian content up on the site – the proof is in the pudding.

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Plug In and Friends

22nd February – Plug In TV – Review of 2006 – 8pm

Plug In TV is an independent media collective producing short documentaries for Channel 31 in Melbourne, Australia and the world wide web. Come along for a 1-hour screening of 2006’s best documentaries.

28th February – EngageMedia – 8pm is a website for social justice and environmental video from SE Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Come along for a 1-hour screening of indepdendent video.

8th March – Focus on Asia Pacific – 8pm

1 hour of documentaries examining justice and developments in our region with a focus on West Papua and East Timor. 2006 has seen many pivotal events and we’ll be screening a range of videos that examine the issues further.

15th March – Plug In TV and Others – 8pm

A mix up of documentaries from Australia and around the world! Sure to be fun.

Glitch Bar and Cinema – 318 St Georges rd, North Fitzroy, Melbourne.